Friday, November 16, 2012

Timberlake-Biel Italian Wedding -vs- Kim Kardashian Kanye West Wedding

The Timberlake-Biel Wedding Dish - Immaculate 28-Villa Resort in Puglia Italy

Unless you've been living under an olive grove you know about the deliciously dramatic fantasy wedding at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in Fasano, Italy. Five-star, architectural jewel on an olive grove, just meters from the sea. 80 guests attended (2 of Justin's most popular boy band pals were snubbed) And you're not by yourself if Jessica Biel's beautiful billowy Giambattista Valli gown has even you jumping for joy (even Justin Timberlake, clad in Tom Ford, couldn't contain his excitement).

The 30-year-old Jessica Biel glowed in her custom, strapless petal-pink gown of silk mousseline and silk organza. Biel spoke of butterfly feelings in her stomach & told Hello! UK magazine, “I was about to stand up in front of my friends and family and bare my soul for the person I love. It was terribly emotional.”

(Record scratch) But this Cuisine Provocateur is far more interested in a Play-By-Plate of the scrumptious Mediterranean fare served up to the pop star turned actor and his pink princess. TamTheTasteMkr can't wait to visit and be surrounded by the resorts infinite fields of olive trees, lemon trees and prickly pears
near the most beautiful sea in the region to experience it for herself.
The couple chose the destination due to their love of Italian food, culture and wine. Play-By-Plate was told by our friends at the resort that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's pre-wedding bash was filled with wine and a lush Italian spread of olives, cheeses, and salume...

Regional modern Apulian cuisine was served. House specialities included: Antipasto tipico pugliese (assorted battered vegetables, mozzarella and sundreied tomato skewers, burrata cheese, panzerottini, assorted friselline, mini focaccia with cherry tomatoes);
Seafood cavatelli with spiced chicory on a purée of beans; Beef fillet with cardoncelli mushroom ragout, crispy guanciale and negramaro sauce; Bocconotto filled with baker’s cream and amarena cherries served hot with dark chocolate sauce.
Talk about a fantasy locale even this Travelista could envy, served up on Celebrity Play By Plate.
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Thanks for visiting my blog.   I don't know about you, but most everyone I know, wishes they could live like a celebrity.  Imagine being greeted like you were Kim Kardashian. And can you even imagine being able to plan a Kim Kardashian Kanye West Wedding for yourself? Wouldn't it be amazing if your destination wedding didn't come with a budget cap? Wouldn't that be incredible?

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